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Committed to quality teaching and enjoying a high knowledge of the most effective techniques of diving, we intend to transfer to our students the best training regardless of the level or the final certification obtained (IANTD, PADI).

Open Water Diver

Initial training to dive autonomously and with total freedom, acquiring all the necessary knowledge (theoretical and practical) to enjoy what will be the best experience of your life!

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Open Water courses are designed to provide comprehensive training to those who wish to become divers. This program focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to create a safe diver who is capable of developing a sense of trust and responsibility for the marine environment. You will obtain the necessary preparation to be able to dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters in open water in dives where decompression stops are not required, under conditions that are equal to or better than the conditions in which you were trained. Finally you will be always accompanied by other divers of at least the same level, without supervision of a Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Instructor.

Advanced Open Water

Becoming an advanced diver means being an expert in different diving environments, as well as expanding your skills and knowledge always with the help of your instructor, who will guide you towards a pristine and effective technique, always above the required standards.

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This mid-level course is designed to allow an Open Water diver to extend their competence in the water and gain more experience under supervised practice. The purpose of this program is to qualify a diver for diving at a maximum depth of 30 meters.


This program is designed to develop competence in self-rescue and rescue of partners, as well as the prevention and management of emergency situations, also first aid techniques and advanced knowledge about physiology and human anatomy.

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In normal situations and conditions diving is a completely safe practice. However, we must not forget that we live in a changing habitat and environment where there are dangers and threats that we should not minimize. In short, you will learn techniques that will provide you with the necessary tools to make safer dives for yourself and those around you. Remember that the best rescuer is not the fastest or most efficient person performing a rescue, but rather the one who foresees and avoids having to do it.


This program is designed to provide recreational divers with knowledge about the use of enriched air mixtures for safer dives than with the use of air. This course covers the use of EANx mixtures in the range of 21% to a maximum of 40% oxygen.

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Breathing compressed air at certain depths has negative effects on the diver in relation to the saturation of Nitrogen in our body tissues. With the use of Nitrox (EANx) or enriched air we decrease the risk of developing decompression sickness (narcosis), besides getting longer and safer dives.

Emergency First Response

A course focused on teaching divers how to handle diving accidents and other injuries that may occur.


A level of training aimed at anyone who wants to start in the world of diving as a professional. You can work as a local diving guide or collaborate in the training of new divers with an instructor. This can be your first adventure in the professional levels of recreational diving.

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A Divemaster is a diving professional whose responsibilities will vary depending on the capacity and environment in which they are doing the activity. In the diving industry there is no other word that best describes a wide range of responsibilities such as the title "DiveMaster". Under this title a diver can expect to fulfill many different functions.

Open Water Sidemount

A course aimed at providing the diver with management skills in techniques, equipment and mentality required for diving in Sidemount, as well as its correct configuration to ensure safer dives.

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You will obtain the necessary preparation with the techniques, the equipment and the mentality for diving with Sidemount, as well as the adequate techniques to safely perform dives that justify the use of the Sidemount equipment.

Deep Diving

It is designed to provide responsible training to divers who plan to dive up to a maximum of 40 meters. This training is focused on skills improvement, performance improvement, theoretical knowledge and planning of deep dives.

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This program is designed to provide responsible training to divers who plan to dive a maximum of 40 meters deep, in addition to improving and training divers in deep diving skills, performance, theory and planning.



In addition to providing high level training, we have the widest variety of technical dives in sea or cave, where we have dives with simple navigations, with the most complex crossings.


The Essentials program can benefit any diver. It offers an in-depth view of gas use, respiration, equipment configuration and physical and mental performance. This level is what will bring you closer to the configuration used in technical diving, as well as protocols and safety measures that will make your dives infinitely better.

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The result is to train skilled diver with greater knowledge and to think more. Without a doubt it is the ideal and fundamental preparation prior to higher levels, such as Cavern, Advanced Nitrox, Trimix, Cave, or as a simple set-up by own decision.

Advanced Nitrox

This course is the first step or the fundamental basis for safe and self-sufficient dives, covering the basic skills of technical diving training programs, including decompressive procedures.

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At this level we will use bottom mixtures up to 40% Nitrox and decompression mixtures up to 100% Oxygen. An essential component of this course is the equipment configuration that will take place in practical workshops with the aim of building a safe, self-sufficient, accessible and at the same time simple configuration. The theoretical part includes the concept of EAD, physiology of O2, CNS%, pulmonary toxicity, the use of the EANx as decompressive gas, partial pressures, better mixtures, etc. This course qualifies you to perform dives at maximum depths of 40 meters by performing decompression stops of no more than 15 minutes with the use of decompressive gases with an O2 concentration not higher than 1.5 pO2.

Tek Open Water Sidemount

A course aimed at technical training in sidemount configuration, as well as the management of decompressive gases, development and improvement of advanced skills with such configuration.

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This program seeks to familiarize the diver with advanced techniques using sidemount configuration to perform decompression dives that justify the use of said configuration.


A course designed to develop the necessary skills and awareness to ensure responsible and safe diving in a confined environment with a maximum penetration that is within the limits of penetration of natural light.

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Initial level of training in confined environments such as caverns. The purpose of this course is to train divers aware of their own responsibility and able to manage risks in more demanding environments.

Intro to Cave

First level of introduction to cave diving, training at the height of the demands of this exciting specialty of technical diving. Learning in matters related to line management, gas management, security protocols, equipment, configuration, limits, etc.

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This level is intended to train a diver to enter a submerged cave beyond the limits of penetration of sunlight, making simple navigations and using a management of the supply of air to sixths.


The certification of Cave Diver is maybe one of the best diving training that exists. Of vital importance is to be able to enter a cave beyond the limits of penetration of sunlight, making complex navigations in the safest and most responsible way.

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The main objective of this course is to be at the height of the requirement in terms of the environment where these type of dives takes place. It is the culmination of cave diving that allows the penetration limits to be extended, as well as the use of gas management in thirds.